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Tips for drivers to save fuel

Driving for economy isn't difficult, especially if you follow a few simple steps...

Fuel prices are on the rise again, but regardless of its price, you'd be foolish to waste it, especially when making the most of it is so easy to do.

Amazingly, most drivers seem to ignore the tips and techniques to save fuel. Whether it's by lugging unnecessary weight or playing speed racer from every set of traffic lights, there are simple steps most of us forget... until it's time to fill up.

With that in mind we've compiled 10 of the most straightforward tips for economic trips, most of which you can use today!

Idle time is the enemy of economy
The more time your engine is running, the more fuel it uses. It sounds simple because it is, and it's the very same reason many modern cars offer technology to switch the engine off when the car comes to a stop.

Eyes up, anticipate, and go with the flow
If you're only watching as far ahead as the car in front of you, chances are you're missing some pretty big steps toward saving fuel – and possibly heading towards a nose-to-tail accident!

Looking further ahead will allow you to choose a lane that is flowing more freely and also determine how quickly the traffic is moving. It stands to reason that the lane cruising at a constant speed is more efficient than one that is stopping and starting.

Buying the right car
When you're buying a new car there's a lot to think about – and fuel economy is an important consideration

First, think carefully about how big. There's no point driving that large SUV if you're the only one in it. Choosing a smaller car for the time you spend commuting is a great idea, and will save you money to rent a bigger vehicle for those occasional trips away.